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Books & Event Programs

Photo of Books

With books and booklets, your design, layout and printing has a story to tell. Let our design team give your publications a life of their own, with eye-catching design and layout. If you have a file ready to print, we can help you choose the best print and binding options for your project.

Contact us today to discuss design, paper stock and binding options.

Membership books

We print membership books for a variety of clubs, schools, non-profit organizations, and religious groups. Sizes vary from small booklets that fit into your pocket to sizes exceeding 11″ x 17″. We offer a variety of cover stocks. We can typeset the booklets from scratch or take your information on disk or flash drive.

Event Programs

We can create programs for your special event, from sporting events and tournaments to club functions and conventions. These can range from traditional, one-color formats to impressive, full-color designs.  If you have sold sponsor advertising in your program, our design department can also create eye catching, effective ads to enhance the look of your finished product.

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